XXVIII.6 November - December 2021
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Resistance is tactile

Annie Leue

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Contributor: Annie Leue

Curator/Editor: Nia Easley

ins01.gif Resistance is Tactile was a personal response to the tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas in October 2017. On February 21, 2018, I mailed nearly 5,000 moist towelettes to the top 20 congressional recipients of NRA campaign contributions as an act of artistic protest—one towelette for every $10,000 each congressperson had accepted since taking office. I implored them to clean the blood from their hands, as their complicity in mass violence continues unhindered by pleas from their constituents to pass meaningful gun reform. The packages ranged in size from 4x6x4 inches to 16x16x12 inches and were sent to constituent-services offices in each of their home states, along with a letterpress-printed form letter outlining and quantifying their transgressions.

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