XXIX.6 November - December 2022
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Digital Citation

capmo: a computational drawing index of IRL flexibility through captured motion

Lee Blalock

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Contributor: Lee Blalock


[email protected]

Curator/Editor: Nia Easley

ins01.gif The drawing here was created by combining my research in biomechanics as it pertains to robotics with my movement-based recreational activities. Specifically, I'm using motion captured while on skates and translating it through creative code. There are three principles guiding this particular series of code-based drawings: 1) Ashby's Law of Requisite Variety explains why flexibility and adaptation are essential human skills to practice as we move through the world. 2) A graceful balancing act is demonstrated by the feedback and feedforward cycles occurring when we attempt to keep our feet from slipping out from under our bodies. This is especially useful in times of uncertainty. 3) Transformation occurs when I use trigonometric functions that approximate the shape made by my skate path, coupled with biometric data collected on my watch. In the end, I index the embodiment of these principles while illustrating the beauty and complexity of the daily process of homeostasis.

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