XXIX.5 September - October 2022
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A letter to the city: “Jail is not my home”

Kirsten Leenaars, Nia Easley

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Contributor: Kirsten Leenaars
[email protected]
Curator/Editor: Nia Easley

A Letter to the City: "Jail is not my home" is the second collaboration between Circles & Ciphers (http://www.circlesandciphers.org/), a hip hop—based restorative justice organization in Rogers Park, Chicago, and Chicago-based Dutch artist Kirsten Leenaars. The video project is based on letters received from people who are currently incarcerated, weaving their deeply personal stories through performative actions and image making into our social fabric. The letters are the material for unexpected encounters to reflect on the ways in which the prison-industrial complex affects individuals, families, communities, and a city. We received 46 letters as a response to our open call through organizations that currently work within Cook County Jail. Each letter writer is compensated for their creative efforts.

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