Miriam Sturdee

Miriam Sturdee is a lecturer at Lancaster University, working on intersections of art, design, and computer science. She is a practicing artist and designer and has an MFA in visual communication. Her publications explore areas of futuring, sketching, and drawing, alternative research outputs, and psychology. [email protected]

What is a paper? The future of research output

Posted: Thu, February 23, 2023 - 11:01:00

Exploring the relationship between comics and alt-text with the creation of "alt-narrative" [3]. When is a paper not a paper? When it is a comic [1]? When it is an experience [2]? When it sings, speaks [3], or challenges your assumptions of being “academic”? If one is to explore Interactions, why must the written word take precedent? If we embrace…

SketchBlog #1: The rise and rise of the sketchnote

Posted: Tue, August 14, 2018 - 10:36:38

This blog post was co-authored by: Miriam Sturdee, postdoctoral fellow in sketching and visualization, University of Calgary,[email protected] Makayla Lewis, research fellow, Brunel University London, [email protected] Nicolai Marquardt, senior lecturer in physical computing, University College London, [email protected] If you’ve been to an HCI conference, workshop, or event recently, chances are you may have seen people sketchnoting—either as part of the main…