Aneesha Singh

Aneesha Singh is an associate professor in human-computer interaction at UCL Interaction Centre. She is interested in the design, adoption, and use of personal health and well-being technologies in everyday contexts, focusing on sensitive and stigmatized conditions. Her research areas include digital health, ubiquitous computing, multisensory feedback, and wearable technology. [email protected]

Body x Materials @ CHI: Exploring the intersections of body and materiality in a full-day workshop

Posted: Wed, January 03, 2024 - 2:31:00

During the 2023 CHI conference, we ran a one-day workshop to consider the design space at the intersection of the body and materials [1]. The workshop gathered designers, makers, researchers, and artists to explore current theories, approaches, methods, and tools that emphasize the critical role of materiality in body-based interactions with technology. We were motivated by developments in HCI and…