Kat Braybrooke

Kat Braybrooke is a spatial anthropologist and designer whose work explores the critical implications of creative communities and spaces in places like Europe and China, with a focus on issues of social and environmental justice. She is currently a research fellow on the CreaTures project at the University of Sussex, and visiting researcher at the King’s College London Department of Digital Humanities. [email protected]

‘Together, we dance alone’: Building a collective toolkit for creatives in a pandemic

Posted: Tue, May 05, 2020 - 11:04:21

It seems to me that, if we can talk about such a thing as the tasks of resilience, then today these tasks will share that quality of taking responsibility: not an impossible, meaningless responsibility for the world in general, but one that is specific and practical, and may be different for each of us. — Dougald Hine, 2012 As the…