Ilona Posner

ILONA POSNER is a user experience consultant and educator. She enjoys encounters with good design and is enraged by bad design which jeopardizes users' experience, health, and safety. ILONA teaches UX design to computer science students at the University of Toronto and tries to help techies develop empathy for their users. [email protected]

Could tech upgrades increase Covid risk? Covid-19 risk in public washrooms

Posted: Wed, February 02, 2022 - 10:40:43

Dyson AirBlade Wash + Dry faucet instructions in English and French. Photo by Ilona Posner Many airports closed drinking fountains for fear of spreading Covid-19. Or perhaps they did it to increase the sale of bottled water. In either case, travelers need to search hard to find free drinking water to refill their bottles after passing through security, before boarding…