Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Elizabeth Rosenzweig is a design researcher who uses technology to make the world a better place. She believes that the best design comes from good research through user-centered design, and as the founder of World Usability Day has been able to push the boundaries of the status quo. She holds four patents on intelligent design for image management and is the author of Successful User Experience: Strategies and Roadmaps. [email protected] Website:

Usability: The essential ingredient for sustainable world development

Posted: Tue, January 02, 2024 - 11:29:00

As we make interacting with technology more like interacting with human beings, it is important that we understand how people use technology.…That is why usability is so important. — Bill Gates [1] Professionals in user experience (UX) and technology recognize the significant impact well-designed technology has on everyday life. In a digital age where interfaces are everywhere, ensuring a positive…