Michal Luria

Michal Luria is a researcher at the Center for Democracy & Technology. Her work makes use of immersive and human-centered design research methods to envision and critique interactions with technology. Using these methods, she translates research insights into thought-provoking interactions and necessary discussions of technology ethics and policy. [email protected]

Privacy and ethics concerns using UX research platforms

Posted: Wed, July 26, 2023 - 3:03:00

Remote user experience (UX) research is not a new phenomenon [1], but the pandemic has accelerated it, necessitating the adaptation of traditionally face-to-face methods to work remotely [2]. The past few years marked a growth of online platforms, such as dscout, Lookback, Metricwire, and UserTesting, to name just a few. Remote UX research platforms are marketed primarily as tools for…