Shuhan Sheng

An entrepreneurial spirit and design visionary, Shuhan Sheng cofounded an industry-first educational-corporate platform, amassing significant investment. After honing his craft in interaction design at ArtCenter College of Design, he now leads as chief designer and product director for two cutting-edge AI teams in North America. His work has garnered multiple international accolades, including FDA and MUSE Awards. [email protected]

The unsustainable model: The tug of war between LLM personalization and user privacy

Posted: Thu, January 04, 2024 - 11:32:00

In the AI universe, we find ourselves balancing on the edge of a tightrope between groundbreaking promise and perilous pitfalls, especially with those LLM-based platforms we broadly label as “AI platform.” The allure is magnetic, but the risks? They’re impossible to ignore. AI Platform’s Information Interaction and Service Features: An Unsustainable ModelCentral to every AI platform is its adeptness in…