Mike Hazas

Mike Hazas is a professor of HCI at Uppsala University. His research interrogates how digital systems contribute to increasing standards for comfort, fidelity and service provision, and thus tend to ratchet energy demand. He was co-chair of the Specific Application Areas subcommittee for CHI 2015—2017. [email protected]

Designing for religiosity: Extracting technology design principles from religious teachings

Posted: Thu, August 04, 2022 - 3:16:00

Religious beliefs have a profound influence on billions of people across the globe, affecting nearly every aspect of their lives, including the use of technology. While there is a continuous rise in atheism, the majority of people in many countries still believe in a deity, self-identify with a religion, and regularly participate in religious practices such as prayer. For example,…

Announcing a new CHI subcommittee: Critical and Sustainable Computing

Posted: Wed, July 08, 2020 - 10:30:03

Reflecting rising interest in sustainability, social justice, aesthetic experiences, and critical computing throughout the HCI community in the past decade, ACM CHI now features a subcommittee devoted to such concerns: the Subcommittee on Critical and Sustainable Computing. Pursuing meaningful alternatives to the status quo, the subcommittee will encourage papers that explore how computing and computing research may contribute to fair…