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Jogging over a Distance

Issue: XVIII.6 November + December 2011
Page: 8
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Frank Vetere, Florian “Floyd” Mueller, Martin R. Gibbs, Darren Edge, Stefan Agamanolis, Jennifer G. Sheridan

Jogging over a Distance is a support system for social joggers who live apart or have different abilities but who want to run "together." Headsets allow both conversation and sharing of breathlessness, with the audio sounding like it is coming from ahead, beside, and behind you as you catch up with, run alongside, and move past your partner. Rather than comparing running speeds to calculate who is in front, we compare each jogger's heart rate relative to their target, creating a motivational and equitable running experience in which joggers of different abilities can run together, even as far apart as Europe and Australia.

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Mueller, F., Vetere, F., Gibbs, M.R., Edge, D., Agamanolis, S., and Sheridan, J.G. Jogging over a distance between Europe and Australia. UIST '10. Proc. of the 23rd Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (New York, NY). ACM, New York, 2010.

* Authors

Florian "Floyd" Mueller | The University of Melbourne | Exertion Games Lab/RMIT | [email protected]

Frank Vetere | The University of Melbourne | [email protected]

Martin R. Gibbs | The University of Melbourne | [email protected]

Darren Edge | Microsoft Research Asia | [email protected]

Stefan Agamanolis | Akron Children's Hospital | [email protected]

Jennifer G. Sheridan | London Knowledge Lab | [email protected]