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C the City

Issue: XVIII.6 November + December 2011
Page: 8
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Lina Johansson, Claes Ericson, David Karlsson

C the City explores new ways of presenting and interacting with visualized data. Maps in various forms, models, and visualizations of cities and geographic regions are fascinating. They make it possible for us to get an overview, to see and create connections. In C the City these tools are used in a playful way to engage people in the development and future of Norrköping, Sweden. C the City consists of a large LEGO model on which data is projected. Users can explore the data connected to the city by interacting with a touchscreen.

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* Authors

Lina Johansson | Citilab/Norrköping Visualisering AB | [email protected]

Claes Ericson | The Interactive Institute | [email protected]

David Karlsson | The Interactive Institute | [email protected]