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The Never-Ending Drawing Machine (NEDM) and Calliope

Issue: XVIII.6 November + December 2011
Page: 8
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Edwina Portocarrero

The Never-Ending Drawing Machine (NEDM) and Calliope (shown) are networked platforms that allow asynchronous viewing and physical editing of shared media at a distance, using a paper sketchbook as the main interface.

The systems layer analog and digital material, mapping pre-created digital media and captured analog content and displaying it on a networked "creation-station." Allowing objects to be used as creative material, the systems promote personalized, contextualized co-creation, bridging collaborative cross-cultural and cross-generational gaps.

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Portocarrero et al. The NeverEndingStorytellingMachine: A platform for creative collaboration using a sketchbook and everyday objects. Papercomp: 1st International Workshop on Paper Computing, Ubicomp 2010.

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Edwina Portocarrero | MIT Media Lab | [email protected]

David Robert | MIT Media Lab | [email protected]

Michelle Chung | MIT Media Lab | [email protected]

Sean Follmer | MIT Media Lab| [email protected]


Edwina Portocarrero | MIT Media Lab | [email protected]

Ye Wang | MIT Media Lab | [email protected]