Demo Hour

Gaze-Controlled Flying

Issue: XX.5 September + October 2013
Page: 8
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Alexandre Alapetite, John Paulin Hansen, and I. Scott MacKenzie

Development of a control paradigm for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is a new challenge to HCI. The demo explores how to use gaze as input for locomotion in 3-D. A low-cost drone is controlled by tracking the user's point of regard (gaze) on a live video stream from the UAV. The drone will fly in the direction that the person is looking. Our approach relies on a direct feedback loop with no visible interface components displayed. The system tracks the point of regard as the user, who is situated in a control room, observes the streaming video to continuously adjust the locomotion.

Project website: Publication: Tall, M., Alapetite, A., San Agustin, J., Skovsgaard, H.H.T., Hansen, J.P., Hansen, D.W., and Møllenbach, E. Gaze-controlled driving. Proc. CHI 2009 Extended Abstracts. ACM, New York, 2009, 4387-4392.

Alexandre Alapetite | Technical University of Denmark | [email protected]

John Paulin Hansen | IT University of Copenhagen | [email protected]

I. Scott MacKenzie | York University | [email protected]