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Issue: XX.5 September + October 2013
Page: 8
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Jari Varsaluoma and Ville Kentta

DrawUX is a Web-based research tool for retrospective long-term user experience evaluation, especially in remote studies. Users sketch a curve and add text comments to report how their experience of a product or service has changed over time. DrawUX provides both quantitative and qualitative data about users' experiences during long-term use of a product or service.

DrawUX is developed in the Delightful Long-Term User Experience project (DELUX) in the Unit of Human-Centered Technology at Tampere University of Technology. The project is funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) and collaborating companies.

Project website:

Publication: Varsaluoma, J. and Kentta, V. DrawUX: Web-based research tool for long-term user experience evaluation. Proc. NordiCHI 2012. ACM, New York, 2012, 769-770.

Jari Varsaluoma | Tampere University of Technology | [email protected]

Ville Kentta | Tampere University of Technology | [email protected]