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Issue: XX.5 September + October 2013
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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John Paulin Hansen, Wang Wusheng, and Irina Shklovski

TalkingBadge is a Bluetooth platform for indoor location-based audio messaging, supporting zone-specific information retrieval and one-way text-to-speech paging via smartphones or a TalkingBadge piece of hardware that the user might carry with them. When people walk through a zone covering up to 50 meters, they can listen to short audio messages sent to them. The platform provides zone-based tracking in a low-cost fashion, which makes large-scale indoor deployment feasible for a range of locations, including airports, shopping malls, and hospitals. The platform design also addresses location-based services' privacy issues by using episodic rather than continuous tracking through the defined zones.

Project website:

Publications: QHansen, J.P., Glenstrup, A.J., Wusheng, W., Weiping, L., and Zhonghai, W. Collecting location-based voice messages on a TalkingBadge. Proc. NordiCHI 2012. ACM, New York, 219-227. Hansen, J., Alapetite, A., Andersen, H., Malmborg, L., and Thommesen, J. Location-based services and privacy in airports. Human-Computer Interaction–INTERACT 2009 (2009), 168-181.

John Paulin Hansen | IT University of Copenhagen | [email protected]

Wang Wusheng | Peking University | [email protected]

Irina Shklovski | IT University of Copenhagen | [email protected]