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Issue: XXI.3 May-June 2014
Page: 6
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Jun Rekimoto

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Traxion: a tactile interaction device with virtual force sensation from rkmtlab on Vimeo.

This research introduces a mechanism to induce a virtual force based on human illusory sensations. An asymmetric signal is applied to a tactile actuator such that the user feels the device is being pulled or pushed in a particular direction, although it is not supported by any mechanical connection to other objects or the ground. The proposed device is smaller and lighter than any previous force-feedback devices. This small form factor allows the device to be implemented in several interactive applications, such as a pedestrian navigation or an untethered input device with virtual force.

Rekimoto, J. Traxion: A tactile interaction device with virtual force sensation. Proc of UIST'13. ACM, New York, 2013, 427–432.

Jun Rekimoto, The University of Tokyo and Sony Computer Science Laboratories
[email protected]