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Issue: XXI.2 March + April 2014
Page: 10
Digital Citation
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Gloria Ronchi, Claudio Benghi

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Fluidity is an interactive installation that visualizes the "gender experiences" of the audience, changing its color in real-time according to the data provided by participants through their smartphones.

Individuals can interact with the system from different "entry environments" to explore the correlation between the places and their emotional responses, gaining insight into their own individual perceptions, including gender stasis and fluidity.

Using a chromatic range for visualizing the gender experience between the polar labels of "feminine" and "masculine," Fluidity opens up new opportunities for discussion around more inclusive models of gender representation that depart from the rigid binary logic.

Gloria Ronchi, Aether & Hemera
[email protected]

Claudio Benghi, Northumbria University
[email protected]