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Enhancing Saltiness with Cathodal Current

Issue: XXI.1 January - February 2014
Page: 10
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Hiromi Nakamura, Home Miyashita

Weak cathodal current applied to the tongue inhibits the taste of salt, but perceived saltiness tends to increase after the current is released. In this study, we propose a saltiness enhancer that uses this phenomenon. Our system applies weak cathodal current for a short time when the user eats or drinks. The user can thus perceive a salty taste without the use of salt.

Nakamura, H. and Miyashita, H. Enhancing saltiness with cathodal current. Proc. CHI '13 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, New York, 2013, 3111–3114.
Nakamura, H. and Miyashita, H. Development and evaluation of interactive system for synchronizing electric taste and visual content. Proc. CHI 2012. ACM, New York, 517–520.

Hiromi Nakamura, Meiji University
[email protected]

Home Miyashita, Meiji University
[email protected]