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Ninja Track

Issue: XX.6 November + December 2013
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Yuichiro Katsumoto, Satoru Tokuhisa, and Masa Inakage

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Ninja Track is a belt-shaped object that consists of ABS parts hinged both longitudinally and transversely. When lying flat, Ninja Track is adequately flexible. When the user folds Ninja Track at the longitudinal hinges, it loses its flexibility and becomes a rigid stick. We created two types of electronic toys as examples of digital content that use Ninja Track. One is a gaming gadget, which can transform from a whip into a sword both virtually and physically. The other is a musical instrument, which produces sounds depending on its shape and user interaction.

Project website:

Publication: Katsumoto, Y., Tokuhisa, S., and Inakage, M. Ninja Track: Design of electronic toy variable in shape and flexibility. Proc. of the 7th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction. ACM, New York, 2013, 17–24. Katsumoto, Y. and Inakage, M. Ninja Track. Proc. of SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 Emerging Technologies. ACM, New York, 2011, Article 6.

Yuichiro Katsumoto | Keio-NUS CUTE Center | [email protected]

Satoru Tokuhisa | Keio-NUS CUTE Center | [email protected]

Masa Inakage | Keio-NUS CUTE Center | [email protected]