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Issue: XXI.1 January - February 2014
Page: 10
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Koray Tahiroğlu, Valtteri Wikstrom, Simon Overstall. Thomas Svedström, Johan Kildal, Teemy Ahmaniemi

MARSUI (Malleable Audio-Reactive Shape-retaining User Interface) is a deformable hardware prototype exhibiting shape-retaining behavior. It can track the shape the user creates when deforming it. We envision that a set of predefined shapes could be mapped onto particular applications or functions. In its current implementation, we present three shapes that MARSUI can be formed into: a twist, a fold, and a bend. Since the malleable interface can also take other forms, feedback plays an important role in guiding the user toward the predefined shapes. In this project, we focus on investigating the possibilities that auditory feedback could offer in guiding the user toward reaching the intended shapes.

MARSUI demo september 2013 from SOPI research group on Vimeo.

Wikström, V., Overstall S., Tahiroğlu, K., Kildal, J., and Ahmaniemi, T. MARSUI: Malleable Audio-Reactive Shape-retaining User Interface. Proc. CHI '13 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, New York, 2013.

Koray Tahiroğlu, Finland Nokia Research Center
[email protected]

Valtteri Wikström, Finland Nokia Research Center
[email protected]

Simon Overstall, Finland Nokia Research Center
[email protected]

Thomas Svedström, Finland Nokia Research Center
[email protected]

Johan Kildal, Finland Nokia Research Center
[email protected]

Teemu Ahmaniemi, Finland Nokia Research Center
[email protected]