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Issue: XXI.1 January - February 2014
Page: 10
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Eunjin Kim, Romy Achituv

Cell is a pneumatically controlled wearable/sculpture/installation. In installation form, the piece is suspended in space as a flayed skin, coming to life as users breath into its overhanging tentacles. As groups of balloons swell and shrink the piece transforms, extruding shapes in various directions.

In performance, the piece augments and distorts the performer's body as it metamorphoses, fusing its own body with that of the performer to create uncanny anthropomorphic hybrid forms. As the balloons swell they push outwardly, at the same time applying pressure on the body itself, realizing for the performer the skin's boundary with the environment.

CELL from EunJin on Vimeo.

Kim, E., Achituv, R. Cell. Proc. CHI '13 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, New York, 2959–2962, 2013.

Eunjin Kim, Hongik University
[email protected]

Romy Achituv, Hongik University
[email protected]