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Issue: XXI.2 March + April 2014
Page: 10
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Sangtae Kim, Jaejeung Kim, Soobin Lee

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Bezel-Flipper is an intuitive e-book user interface that supports paper-book-like flipping interaction. Users can readily flip pages using a dragging gesture from the bezel, and simply stop and hold a page using a multitouch gesture. With the help of Bezel-Flipper, users can easily scan the contents and cross reference distant pages on e-books using familiar paper-book gestures.

Kim, S., Kim, J., Lee, S. Bezel-Flipper: Design of a light-weight flipping interface for e-books. Proc. of CHI EA 2013. ACM, New York, 1719–1724.

Sangtae Kim, KAIST
[email protected]

Jaejeung Kim, KAIST
[email protected]

Soobin Lee, KAIST
[email protected]