Demo Hour

Shape-Changing Steel Interfaces

Issue: XXII.6 November - December 2015
Page: 8
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Morten Winther

Tilting\Plate and Bending\Arches are two exploratory prototypes that exploit the properties of both a traditional material (steel) and computational technology (stepper and servo motors). The project investigates the aesthetic potential of shape-changing interfaces as well as how designers can embrace the expressional diversity and richness of physical actuation.

People can engage in playful and curious interaction with the prototypes through various bodily actions. Tilting\Plate responds to abstract gestures in the space immediately above it, which is being monitored by a Kinect. Bending\Arches reacts to loud noises (such as clapping) by halting and briefly suspending its movements.

Shape-changing steel interfaces from Morten Winther on Vimeo.

Winther, M. Tilting\Plate and Bending\Arches: Shape-changing interfaces as expressive forms. Proc. of the 5th Decennial Aarhus Conference: Critical Alternatives. 2015.

Morten Winther, IT University of Copenhagen
[email protected]