Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Three Studies of Synaesthesia

Issue: XXIV.3 May + June 2017
Page: 8
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Chang Hee Lee

Three Studies of Synaesthesia is a research project that attempts to explore some of the intriguing properties of synaesthesia. Three props highlight some provocative elements of synaesthesia that can be used within a design context. Prop 1 tries to illuminate the transformative properties of synaesthesia. Prop 2 explores real and surreal images of taste. Prop 3 mimics a narrative of anger-related synaesthesia. The peculiar properties of synaesthesia provide a speculative domain where people can explore potential interactive features within the context of design.

Chang Hee Lee, Royal College of Art, [email protected]

ins05.gif Prop 1 considers how weight and scale could be associated with each other. The liquid between the two glass sheets immediately expands its surface according to the pressure it receives on the glass surface.

ins06.gif Prop 2 is an attempt to question the difference between our mental images and the real images of taste. How does electricity taste in your mind? What does it really taste like?

ins07.gif Prop 3 mimics the narratives of anger-related synaesthesia and its level of intensity. When a user exerts force (anger) on the pad, the prop will make a noise and turn on the red LEDs proportionately to the amount of pressure received, indicating the amount of anger.