Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Second Skin

Issue: XXIV.4 July-August 2017
Page: 10
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Rachel Freire, Paul Strohmeier, Cedric Honnet

Second Skin is an eTextile concept for rapid prototyping, using elastic materials and techniques from activewear and lingerie. It explores wearable electronics that can withstand the robust requirements of human interaction, drawing inspiration and practical solutions from traditional pattern cutting and stretch-garment technology. The project explores the Alice in Wonderland aesthetic of eTextiles, focusing on scale and circuitry as a design feature. The aim is to facilitate both maker and manufacturable techniques to create viable, provocative designs. This open source textile platform invites others to adapt, add functionality, and experiment to optimize techniques and designs that can be shared among designers and researchers.

Freire, R., Honnet, C., and Strohmeier, P. Second Skin: An exploration of eTextile stretch circuits on the body. Proc. of TEI'17. ACM, New York, 2017, 653–658. DOI:

Rachel Freire, Rachel Freire Studio

Paul Strohmeier, University of Copenhagen

Cedric Honnet, Datapaulette

ins05.gif An open source eTextile platform showcases elastic materials and an otherworldly aesthetic.

ins06.gif Close-up detail of Second Skin eTextile with stretch fabric and electronics.