Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: FieldVenturer

Issue: XXIV.5 September - October 2017
Page: 8
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Tom Schofield, Guy Schofield

FieldVenturer is a project experimenting with a long-range, remote-controlled, and collaboratively piloted vehicle. It centers on the design, development, and public deployment of a Rover: a small tracked vehicle equipped with sensors and a camera and an elaborate command center, through which it can be controlled by members of the public. Via a series of FieldVenturer events, we are beginning to explore how experiencing spaces through a "drone's eye view" can play a part in promoting discussion around the reconfiguration and re-articulation of public spaces.

SchofieId, G. and Schofield, T. Exploring space with FieldVenturer. Proc. of Research Through Design 2017.

Tom Schofield, Culture Lab, Newcastle University

Guy Schofield, University of York

ins02.gif Exploring space with FieldVenturer.
ins03.gif First deployment of FieldVenturer.