Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: FieldVenturer

Issue: XXIV.5 September - October 2017
Page: 8
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Tom Schofield, Guy Schofield

FieldVenturer is a project experimenting with a long-range, remote-controlled, and collaboratively piloted vehicle. It centers on the design, development, and public deployment of a Rover: a small tracked vehicle equipped with sensors and a camera and an elaborate command center, through which it can be controlled by members of the public. Via a series of FieldVenturer events, we are beginning to explore how experiencing spaces through a "drone's eye view" can play a part in promoting discussion around the reconfiguration and re-articulation of public spaces.

SchofieId, G. and Schofield, T. Exploring space with FieldVenturer. Proc. of Research Through Design 2017.

Tom Schofield, Culture Lab, Newcastle University

Guy Schofield, University of York

[email protected]

ins02.gif Exploring space with FieldVenturer.
ins03.gif First deployment of FieldVenturer.