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DEMO HOUR: WatchThru

Issue: XXIV.6 November + December 2017
Page: 8
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Dirk Wenig, Johannes Schöning, Alex Olwal, Mathias Oben, Rainer Malaka

WatchThru is an interactive method for extending wrist-worn displays on commercially available smartwatches. To address the limited visual and interaction space, WatchThru expands the device into 3D through a transparent display. This enables three novel interactions that leverage and extend smartwatch glanceability: Pop-up Visuals, Second Perspective, and Peek-through. In contrast to most AR displays, this device does not obstruct the user's face, nor does it require the user to hold it (like a smartphone). It therefore has interesting potential as a wearable, unobtrusive, and always-accessible wrist-worn AR device.

Wenig, D., Schöning, J., Olwal, A., Oben, M., and Malaka, R. WatchThru: Expanding smartwatch displays with mid-air visuals and wrist-worn augmented reality. Proc. of the International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2017.

Dirk Wenig, University of Bremen
Johannes Schöning, University of Bremen
Alex Olwal, Google
Mathias Oben, Hasselt University
Rainer Malaka, University of Bremen
[email protected]

ins05.gif WatchThru extends smartwatch displays into 3D space, enabling novel AR interactions.