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Issue: XXIV.6 November + December 2017
Page: 8
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Sang Ho Yoon, Yunbo Zhang, Ke Huo, Karthik Ramani

TRing offers a novel method for bringing inter activity to objects by embedding a small magnet in them and using a finger-worn device. No time-consuming post processing is needed. Using a magnetic-sensing technique, the system tracks the user's fingertip around the embedded magnet.

TRing can thus easily replace conventional physical interface elements such as buttons and sliders. Our work will benefit HCI practitioners as well as general users who want to quickly implement a personalized physical interface without having deeper knowledge of electronic components.

Yoon, S.H., Zhang, Y., Huo, K., and Ramani, K. TRing: Instant and customizable interactions with objects using an embedded magnet and a finger-worn device. Proc. of the 29th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software & Technology. 2016.

Sang Ho Yoon, Yunbo Zhang, Ke Huo, and Karthik Ramani, Purdue University (West Lafayette)
[email protected]

ins02.gif By simply embedding a small magnet, everyday objects become interactive, without the need for installing electronic components.