Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Thou and I

Issue: XXV.5 September-October 2018
Page: 10
Digital Citation
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Young Suk Lee

To explore the connection between human and digital interaction, I create expressive digital wearable designs that are extensions of oneself. The expressiveness of this wig is produced by its various anthropomorphic qualities. Interactive wigs not only offer wearers an opportunity to alter their appearance with a new hairstyle, but also enable them to reveal their emotions or dramatically conceal their identity, creating theatrical encounters. In this way, the wearers can be more openly expressive through bodily interaction.

Lee, Y.S. Thou and I: Exploring expressive digital interaction with interactive characteristic wigs. Proc. of the Twelfth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction. ACM, New York, 2018, 581–585;

Young Suk Lee, Indiana University
[email protected]

ins01.gif An interactive wig not only provides a new hairstyle but also allows for richer, more personal creative expression and theatrical encounters with others.