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DEMO HOUR: Pepper's Cone

Issue: XXV.4 July - August 2018
Page: 8
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Xuan Luo, Jason Lawrence, Steven M. Seitz

Pepper's Cone is a simple 3D display that can be built from a tablet computer and a plastic sheet folded into a cone. By rotating the tablet about the y-axis, a user can view 3D objects naturally over 360 degrees without special glasses. The transparent conical surface reflects the image displayed on the 2D screen. The displayed image is pre-distorted, so its reflection appears to be perspective-correct and suspended inside the reflector. Using the tablet's integrated gyroscope, the viewer adjusts the rendered image based on their relative orientation.

Luo, X., Lawrence, J., and Seitz, S.M.
Pepper's Cone: An inexpensive do-it-yourself 3D display.
Proc. of UIST '17. ACM, New York, 2017, 623–633;

Xuan Luo, University of Washington
[email protected]

Jason Lawrence, Google
[email protected]

Steven M. Seitz, University of Washington
[email protected]

ins01.gif A plastic cone placed on top of a tablet computer reflects a 3D image of the 2D image on the display.