Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: BioSoNot 1.2

Issue: XXV.3 May-June 2018
Page: 8
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Gilberto Esparza

BioSoNot 1.2 is a hybrid bio-sound instrument that translates biological activity into sound as it cleans contaminated water samples. It generates music and noise from the biological activity of living microorganisms inhabiting the L.A. River. A series of custom-made microbial fuel cells (biosensors) captures and harvests electrons produced by the metabolic processes of bacteria; these are then fired as energy into an oscillator that expresses the information as sound, generating an organic symphony of bacterial life.

Unsettled artifacts: Technological speculations from Latin America. Leonardo 50, 4 (Aug. 2017), 410–437;

Gilberto Esparza

ins03.gif Listening to the microbial music of BioSoNot 1.2.