Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Bear Abouts

Issue: XXV.2 March-April 2018
Page: 6
Digital Citation
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Becca Rose Glowacki, Mark Wonnacott, Amy Rose, Emma Powell, Liv Bargman

Bear Abouts is a research project into storytelling and tangible media. We have developed a digital and physical storytelling platform for children that gives kids the power to create and influence stories through making. We built a platform for Android devices in Unity 3D that uses touch points to connect with a package of physical components. It combines paper pages with animations and events on screen to make tactile storytelling experiences for children.

Glowacki, B.R. Bear Abouts: Sharing stories across the physical and digital. Proc. of IDC 2017. ACM, New York, 2017, 683–686;

Becca Rose Glowacki, University of the West of England, Bristol, and Pervasive Media Studio

Mark Wonnacott

Amy Rose, Pervasive Media Studio

Emma Powell

Liv Bargman, Central St Martins

ins05.gif Children absorbed in tactile storytelling.