Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: The Sound of a Hug

Issue: XXV.2 March-April 2018
Page: 6
Digital Citation
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Pin-Cheng Lin

The Sound of a Hug is an installation about an experience I had when I was young. My parents would take me to nursery school by motorcycle. On the way to school, I could hear a melody deep in my heart, while also hearing the sounds around me. This installation has a set of 3D-printed microswitches that respond when squeezed in a particular way. There are three parts to the mechanism that make three kinds of sounds: the melody of my memory, the sound of the motorcycle, and the sound of the trees swaying in the wind. When I hug my installation—just as when I hugged my parents on the motorcycle—I can hear the same melody and sounds once again.

Pin-Cheng Lin, Shih Chien University

ins02.gif The Sound of a Hug artifact.

ins03.gif The sound-producing mechanism of the installation.