Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: PaperMech

Issue: XXV.2 March-April 2018
Page: 6
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HyunJoo Oh, Mark D. Gross, Michael Eisenberg, Sherry His

PaperMech (aka FoldMecha) is a design system for the exploratory construction of mechanical papercraft. It enables users to design movements with simple mechanisms by modifying parameters, download the parts and folding nets to build the mechanisms, and adapt them into their own creations. Our website (below) provides assembly instructions along with a gallery, where you will find a diverse array of expressive paper machines created by our workshop participants.

Oh, H., Kim, J., Morales, C., Gross, M., Eisenberg, M., and Hsi, S. FoldMecha: Exploratory design and engineering of mechanical papercraft. Proc. of the 11th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction. ACM, New York, 2017, 131–139;

Oh, H., Eisenberg, M., Gross, M.D., and Hsi, S. Paper mechatronics: A design case study for a young medium.Proc. of the 14th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children. ACM, New York, 2015, 371–374;

HyunJoo Oh, University of Colorado Boulder

Mark D. Gross, University of Colorado Boulder

Michael Eisenberg, University of Colorado Boulder

Sherry His, Concord Consortium

ins04.gif On the PaperMech website, users design a mechanical movement by modifying local parameters in simulation, then download parts to cut and build it following the assembly tutorials.