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DEMO HOUR: tactoRing

Issue: XXV.2 March-April 2018
Page: 6
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Seungwoo Je, Brendan Rooney, Liwei Chan, Andrea Bianchi

tactoRing is a novel smart ring that provides rich, yet subtle, discrete haptic feedback based on the high tactile resolution of the finger skin. tactoRing excites the skin by dragging a small movable actuator around the finger, directly in contact with the skin. This allows users to perceive tactile feedback in the form of motion applied to specific locations around the finger, with different speeds and directions. By controlling the ring through a separate device such as a mobile phone or a car navigation system, the ring can be used, for example, to convey street directions and caller IDs using motion.

Je, S., Rooney, B., Chan, L., and Bianchi, A. tactoRing: A skin-drag discrete display. Proc. of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, New York, 2017, 3106–3114.

Seungwoo Je, KAIST

Brendan Rooney, KAIST

Liwei Chan, National Chiao Tung University

Andrea Bianchi, KAIST

ins06.gif tactoRing contains a small, movable skin-drag tactor that can rotate.

ins07.gif Prototype of a car navigation interface, where street directions can be signaled on the hand without the need for additional visual information.

ins08.gif An Android application simulates phone calls, incoming messages, and calendar events. When any of these events happen, a notification is initiated by moving the tactoRing to a pre-specified target.