Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Dispersiones

Issue: XXV.3 May-June 2018
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Leo Nuñez

Dispersiones is a physical network comprising a series of interconnected relays that produce an artificial interactive soundscape. The work appears to be a messy web of hundreds of tangled wires through which sounds travel, following an algorithm of artificial life. Using only the metallic clicking sound of the relays, the network behaves as a complex system of electromagnetic actuators that interact with the viewer. Each individual relay acts as a "living" agent that activates the space and the architecture. Once the system detects a viewer's movement, it unleashes an infinite flow of sound and light.

Unsettled artifacts: Technological speculations from Latin America. Leonardo 50, 4 (Aug. 2017), 410–437;

Leo Nuñez

ins04.gif A network of clicking relays comes to life through sound and light.