Demo Hour

DEMO HOUR: Wind Ceremony

Issue: XXV.4 July - August 2018
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Cheng-Te Chi

Wind Ceremony represents our desire to capture the unseen. The movement of the installation produces a sound like the blowing wind. When participants pass by, the installation spins like a windmill, inviting them to "become" the wind. The slits in the metal cans in the lower part of the installation produce the wind sound as the installation spins. The upper part of the installation indicates the wind direction. As the participant becomes the wind, indicators point in the direction in which they are heading. Invoking a ceremony of the wind, the two moving parts of the installation make the invisible wind visible.

Cheng-Te Chi, Shih Chien University
[email protected]

ins04.gif The top part of the installation indicates the wind direction. The bottom part produces the sound. As the bottom part spins, slits in the cans produce the sound of the wind.