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Issue: XXVI.4 July-August 2019
Page: 8
Digital Citation
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Dougie Mann

TypeCase is a keyboard that has just five buttons rather than 50. Instead of typing each key individually, you press chords, just like on a guitar. Built right into a phone case, it allows you to type without looking, with only one hand—even in your pocket. Designed with amputees and hemiplegics in mind, it simplifies a traditional keyboard down to a beautifully intuitive and effortless interaction.

Furthermore, it helps people with visual impairments to type and read: TypeCase uses haptics in the buttons like a digital braille, offering the visually impaired a discrete alternative to the more stigmatizing voice-to-text methods.

Dougie Mann, Royal College of Art & Imperial College London
[email protected]

ins01.gif Product design of TypeCase, showing the bare electronics underneath. TypeCase provides text entry through chord-like button presses.