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VIII.1 Jan-Feb, 2001
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Steven Pemberton

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It's an exciting event. Dozens of groups who have produced a pilot version or a mock up of a new browser, or a new concept for browsing information, get three minutes to present their idea, and are then submitted to two minutes of questions from the MC. Three minutes of course is only long enough to present the kernel of the idea, and show a few screensful of images. The two minutes are used to clarify anything the MC thought was unclear (and to set up the next group). And then the next group bursts into its presentation, grasping at every extra second that they can use before the gong goes again. As a member of the audience you are bombarded by a day long of images and concepts, ranging from the brilliant to the incomprehensible. You come away exhausted and stimulated. The International Browser Day was an inspired idea, and has an inspiring effect.

In this issue we show you a selection of the winners from the second International Browser Day. Of course it can only be a taste, since the essence of a browser is interactivity, and you have to see it working to really appreciate it. But it gives an impression of the sort of ideas that get presented, and the range of the ideas.

The 4th International Browser day will be on 29th March 2001 in New York City. You still have until 2nd February to submit a 200 word proposal, but beware: last year there were more than 1000 entrants who got whittled down to those few dozen who finally got to present. For more details, see page 7.

Steven Pemberton

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