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VI.1 Jan./Feb. 1999
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Conference preview: Hypertext ‘99; WACC ‘99

Jennifer Bruer

back to top  Hypertext '99: Returning to Our Diverse Roots

Darmstadt, Germany
February 21–25, 1999

Conference Chair:
Jörg M. Haake
GMD-IPSI, Darmstadt

Hypermedia is a concept for structuring and accessing information. Over the past decade, hypermedia has matured as a technology and has found its way into numerous information systems with the World Wide Web as the most noticeable example.

As we approach the new millennium, Hypertext '99 will close out the 20th century by returning to our roots of diverse ideas, rich concepts, and novel applications of hypermedia. From the first workshop in 1987, hypermedia has been an interdisciplinary field gathering distinguished researchers, practitioners and students from a multitude of disciplines: computing, art, literature, law, medicine, sociology, psychology, engineering, and others. Hypertext '99 will continue and strengthen this trend. We invite contributions that reflect diversity with respect to theory, modeling, design, construction, deployment, and evaluation of hypermedia in different application domains.

Hypertext '99 is the 10th in the premier international series of ACM conferences on hypertext and hypermedia. The 10th conference is a milestone for the hypermedia community that signals continuity and maturity. The conference will provide a forum where attendees can present, exchange and discuss original ideas and exciting experiences relating to hypermedia (objects, links, paths, spaces, time, collections, navigational aids, others) and the use of hypermedia concepts and technologies in special domains (e.g., authoring, publishing, human-computer interaction, digital libraries, electronic literature, computer-supported cooperative work, databases, operating systems, software engineering, education, global information systems such as the World Wide Web, others).

Don't miss the last international Hypertext conference of the 20th century!

bullet.gif Topics

Hypertext '99 will provide a rich set of formats for interaction, presentation and discussion of the latest results and developments in hypertext and hypermedia: Papers, Panels and Technical Briefings, Courses, Workshops, Short Papers, Posters, Demos, and Doctoral Consortium.

bullet.gif Topics include but are not limited to:

  • World Wide Web applications and extensions
  • Collaborative hypermedia technology and applications
  • Empirical studies and hypermedia evaluation
  • Hypermedia in education and training
  • Hypertext rhetoric and criticism
  • Hypermedia and time narratives and storyboarding
  • Hypertext writing - fiction, scholarship, and technical
  • Innovative hypertexts and novel uses of hypertext and hypermedia
  • Integration and open hypermedia architectures
  • Large-scale distributed hypermedia
  • Structuring hypertext documents for reading and retrieval
  • Techniques for generating, recognizing, navigating and visualizing structure
  • Theories, models, architectures, standards, and frameworks
  • Hypermedia user interfaces (link marking, composition, browsing, consistency of open hypermedia interfaces, representing traditional databases)
  • Hypermedia storage technologies (persistent object stores, link services, hyperbases, distributed databases, information retrieval, versioning, access control)
  • Object-oriented hypermedia (data models, distributed architectures, component-based architectures, application design and re-use)
  • Hypermedia middleware
  • Workplace deployment and industrial applications of hypermedia
  • Hypermedia authoring
  • Hypermedia and 3D spaces
  • Hypermedia for the Internet

While diversity in terms of concepts and ideas is one focus of Hypertext '99, we will also take specific actions to better accommodate newcomers, namely the Nelson Newcomer Award and a "Mentoring" service as known from other conferences.

For more information visit the Hypertext 99 web site at

back to top  WACC 99: International Joint Conference on Work Activities Coordination and Collaboration

San Francisco, California, USA
February 22–25, 1999

General Chair:
Richard N. Taylor
University of California, USA

WACC '99 brings together researchers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines who are addressing or facing issues in work activities coordination and collaboration. Various aspects of this topic have been addressed previously under the separate banners of workflow, software process, groupware, and computer-supported cooperative work.

WACC '99 provides a multi-purpose forum for the presentation, discussion, and demonstration of key ideas in this important area. Sessions presenting novel research results are complemented by turorials, workshops, invited speakers, panel discussions, informal research demonstrations and posters.

The keynote address, titled Managing Processes in the Networked Economy, will be given by Thomas W. Malone, MIT Sloan School of Management. The conference will be complemented by workshops on Cross-Organizational Workflow Management and Coordination and Implementing Tailorability in Groupware and tutorials on Internet Scale Workflow: Standards for Cross-Enterprise Business Processes; CSCW, Groupware and Workflow: Experiences, State of the Art, and Future Trends; and XML: Modeling Data and Metadata. A reception will be held the evening of Tuesday, February 23.

bullet.gif Topics of interest include:

  • Architectures
  • Case studies and experience
  • Collaborative transactions
  • Consistency and inconsistency
  • Coordination models
  • Exceptions and deviations
  • Human interaction
  • Interoperablility
  • Metrics and measurement
  • Mobility
  • Modeling and execution
  • Organizational structures
  • Reengineering
  • Resource utilization and reuse
  • Scaling to the Internet
  • Temporal constraints
  • Tools and methods
  • Virtual corporations and communities

For more information see the WACC '99 web site at

back to top  Calendar

January 5 – 8, 1999
IUI 99
Intelligent User Interfaces

Redondo Beach, CA, USA
Contact: Pedro Szekely

February 17 – 19, 1999
Interactive Multimedia
Hyatt Orlando Hotel
Kissimmee, Florida, USA

February 21 – 25, 1999
Hypertext '99: Returning to our Diverse Roots
Darmstadt, Germany
Contact: Jörg M. Haake

February 22 – 25, 1999
WACC '99: International Joint Conference on Work Activities Coordination and Collaboration
Cathedral Hill Hotel
San Francisco. CA, USA

Contact: Richard N. Taylor

February 23 – 26, 1999
Virtual Reality Modeling Language 1999
Paderborn, Germany
Contact: Christian Bauer

March 13 – 17, 1999
VRAIS '99, Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium
JW Marriott Hotel, Houston,
Texas, USA

Contact: Larry Hodges

April 7 – 9, 1999
The Ergonomics Society 1998 Annual Conference
University of Leicester, UK

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