XIV.1 January + February 2007
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Digital Citation

[Blank] my [blank]

Jonathan Arnowitz, Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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It was a long day at the office. We usability-tested this column, and hilarity ensued—we hope it has the same effect on you. First, fold the page so that only the right-side column shows. Then fill in the blanks. Unfold the page, and read your choices into the story. A tip of the hat to Eric Bergman for the concept—we are [blank] to [blank] you!—<eic>

My story begins with a product that helps users [1].

We gathered requirements by visiting the [2] and using [3] to capture our observations.

The three most important tasks we discovered were [4], [5], and [6]. Surprisingly, we discovered that no one really wanted [7].

We put our heads together and came up with a prototype built with a [8] and a [9] and showed it to our boss. He said oh, [10]! You have really [11] this time! How soon can we [12] this?

The boss showed it to his boss who said, this is [13]! We should productize this immediately!

We went into production to sell the product to users in [14]. [15], they took to it like [16] to [17], and it has been extremely [18] ever since.

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1. Verb [infinitive]

2. Place name

3. Noun, plural

4. Verb [infinitive]

5. Verb [infinitive]

6. Verb [infinitive]

7. Verb [infinitive]

8. Noun

9. Noun

10. Exclamation

11. Verb, past tense

12. Verb

13. Adjective

14. Location

15. Adverb

16. Noun, plural

17. Noun

18. Adjective

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