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XII.4 July + August 2005
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Jonathan Arnowitz, Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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This issue's special section on Ambient Intelligence explores the current state of the art and trends in ambient technologies. If you haven't heard of ambient intelligence, here is your chance to read about an emergent theme in computing. Manfred Tscheligi, Guest Editor, states in his opening editorial that real life does indeed offer more challenging interaction contexts than the traditional desktop. We are particularly pleased to share with you this issue's case study from Philips, "Bringing Social Intelligence into Home Dialogue Systems" by Panos Markopoulus, Boris de Ruyter, Saini Privender, and Albert van Breemen. We invite you to ponder the four critical HCI challenges of ambient intelligence examined in this article, and tell us what you think of the iCat.

On another note, this issue brings you commentary on the recent changes introduced to next year's CHI conference. Scooter Morris' Fresh article and this issue's Rant provide a similar point of view; by the time you receive this issue, we hope we've heard a few more perspectives. To stir things up further, Donald Norman, our resident guru, follows up on our previous issue, "Whose Profession is This, Anyway?" with his ominously titled article, "Human-Centered Design Considered Harmful."

As ever we are keen to hear from you! It's easy to be heard: If you disagree with an article, have a supporting anecdote to share, or want to contribute a point or two you feel an author missed, write a letter to Mailbag and make your thoughts known. We know that HCI is a growing and vibrant community with many competing/alternate voices. A healthy readership is an active readership: Send your letters to

Jonathan Arnowitz and Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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