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XIII.4 July + August 2006
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Jonathan Arnowitz, Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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Welcome to the first of two special issues dedicated to the world of handheld devices. Bruno von Niman and Manfred Tscheligi have assembled a broad survey of HCI and gadgets, from cell phones to PDAs, design stories to usability.

The power you hold in your hand has increased exponentially from the days of the Apple Newton and the original Palm PDA. Not only has the variety of features increased dramatically; battery power, processor power, user expectations, and complexity have increased with few hard limits in sight.

This issue addresses some of the more creative aspects of gadget interfaces, from musical feedback to mobile video, experimental interfaces and concepts to working time savers. This issue also addresses many basic issues in gadget design and HCI, from the surprising complexity of fonts for handhelds to design preferences in China. Look to our next Gadgets issue for more technical considerations and a broad selection of usability issues for handhelds.

Also in this issue, Don Norman's column will help you make up your mind: Is performing a user study before design putting the cart before the horse? Lars Erik Holmquist's On the Edge looks at the HCI trend of using tagging systems. And Jonathan Grudin, keen on hunting down some of the most formative—and missing—HCI work, devotes his Timelines column to some detective work...

As this issue goes to press, another CHI Conference is behind us. Now, months later, we would like to know what has stuck with you about CHI2006 (good, bad, or just interesting). Write to us at; we hope to have a range of reactions on the CHI2006 conference to share with you.

Jonathan Arnowitz and Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson

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