XIV.4 July + August 2007
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back to top  The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook: Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies, and Emerging Applications

Andrew Sears and Julie A. Jacko, editors
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, May 2007
ISBN: 0805858709, $450.00

back to top  Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture: A Pattern Language for Distributed Computing

Frank Buschmann, Kevlin Henney, and Douglas C. Schmidt
Wiley, May 2007
ISBN: 0470059028, $50.00

back to top  Smart Card Applications: Design Models for Using and Programming Smart Cards

Wolfgang Rankl, translated by Kenneth Cox
Wiley, June 2007
ISBN: 047005882X, $1205.00

back to top  Pattern Oriented Software Architecture: On Patterns and Pattern Languages

Frank Buschmann, Kevlin Henney, and Douglas C. Schmidt
Wiley, June 2007
ISBN: 0471486485, $55.00

back to top  The Disappearing Computer: Interaction Design, Systems Infrastructures and Applications for Smart Environments

Norbert Streitz, Achilles Kameas, and Irene Mavrommati, editors
Springer, June 2007
ISBN: 3540727256, $69.95

back to top  Emotions At Work: Theory, Research And Applications For Management

R. L. Payne
John Wiley & Sons, July 2007
ISBN: 0470023007, $41.50

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