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Explore the 31st international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques in Los Angeles, California. SIGGRAPH 2004 will consist of molecular interiors, galactic visions, tomorrow's visual effects, responsive machines, extra-human intelligence, alternative realities, code, concepts, mathematics, theories, and applications.

World-class experts will teach all this and more. Creative adventurers show 2004's most advanced achievements in computer graphics and interactive techniques. And you acquire the inside data you need to succeed in this amazing industry.

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Courses Practical skills, deep understanding, and clear explanations are presented by the leading experts in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Tutorials, half-day sessions, and full-day courses teach beginning, intermediate, and advanced topics in digital art and science, including interaction design, perception, computing hardware, Web graphics, display systems, wireless applications, gaming, animation, and modeling.


  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Seeing, Hearing, and Touching: Putting It All Together
  • "Lord of the Rings": The Visual Effects That Brought Middle Earth to the Screen
  • Unconventional Human-Computer Interfaces
  • Color in Information Display: Principles, Perception, and Models
  • Real-Time Shadowing Techniques
  • The Elements of Nature: Interactive and Realistic Techniques

Educators Program Content: how to teach computer graphics and produce digital academic resources. Continuity: computer graphics in education, from pre-school to post-graduate specialization. Collaboration: between art and science, educators and researchers, teachers and students, the classroom and the real world. Panels, forums, papers, and Quick Takes explore all this and more in the not-just-for-Educators Program.

Exhibitor Tech Talks Late-breaking updates on the year's most important advances in 3-D animation, games, shading, visualization, processors, APIs, career development, and more. In Exhibitor Tech Talks, SIGGRAPH 2004 exhibitors present two-hour tutorials and interactive instruction on their products and services.

Keynote/Awards Session New directions, questions, skepticism, and creative insights on digital technology and its applications from SIGGRAPH 2004's keynote speaker. Immediately before the keynote address, ACM SIGGRAPH presents three awards: The Computer Graphics Achievement Award, the Significant New Researcher Award, and the Outstanding Service Award.

Panels Debate, argue, and discuss important topics in computer graphics and interactive techniques, and related fields. Experts and skeptics deliver opinions, insights, speculation, and summaries of recent work. The audience follows up with questions, comments, and criticism. The result: new perspectives on key questions and current controversies.

Papers This is the premier international forum for ground-breaking, provocative, and important new work in computer graphics and interactive techniques. SIGGRAPH 2004 papers set the standard in the field, stimulate future trends, and explore challenging issues in related fields: human-computer interaction, computer-aided design, computer vision, robotics, visualization, Web graphics, and computer games, among others.

Posters New for SIGGRAPH 2004. Informal quarter-day discussions of incremental or preliminary or partial results, interesting ideas that appeal to smaller audiences, and new insights that are not available before the other SIGGRAPH 2004 submission deadlines. Posters are presented by advanced students in computer graphics and interactive techniques, application developers, artists, hardware specialists, academic researchers, animators, and software gurus.

Sketches Short talks followed by question-and-answer exchanges on a broad spectrum of topics in art, design, science, and engineering. Sketches emphasize novel and interdisciplinary applications of computer graphics and interactive techniques, including provocative speculation, academic research, industrial development, practical tools, and behind-the-scenes explanations of commercial and artistic works.

Special Sessions Hot topics explored by world-class experts in fun events that demonstrate the creative energy of the international SIGGRAPH community.

Web Graphics Presentations and demonstrations of the year's most innovative online work. Artists, designers, producers, and programmers from around the world share their achievements in rich internet applications, Web 3-D, navigation, visualization, usability, motion graphics, Web art, Web content for handheld devices, and many more areas.

5k Award Competition: New for SIGGRAPH 2004: the popular 5k award competition for excellence in Web design and production is part of SIGGRAPH 2004 Web Graphics.

Entries for the 5k can include virtually any client-side technology in use on the Web, including Flash, DHTML, Java, SVG, X3D, and weirder things that you need plug-ins for. But remember, if the judges can't see it, they will probably give you a very bad score. No server-side processing is allowed.

The 5k competition for SIGGRAPH 2004 will open for entries in early 2004. Entries will be made available immediately after the contest closes for entries.

Exhibition Get up-close and hands-on with the newest hardware systems, software tools, and creative services from hundreds of companies. SIGGRAPH 2004 hosts the year's largest, most comprehensive exhibition of products and services for the computer graphics and interactive marketplace, featuring the industry's established leaders and emerging challengers.

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Art Gallery: Synaesthesia Original digital art that emerges from the conjunction of cybernetics and human vision to help us re-experience, re-examine, and make sense of our bodies, our technologies, and our culture. Synaesthesia features visionary work in every field of digital art: 2-D, 3-D, interactive techniques, installations, virtual reality, multimedia, telecommunications, Web art, and animation.

Computer Animation Festival The world's most innovative, imaginative works in computer graphics and interactive techniques: animation, visualization, simulation, visual effects, and technical imagery produced by adventurers who blend art and science into unique visual experiences. The Computer Animation Festival jury presents selected works in the Electronic Theater (matinée and evening shows) and the Animation Theater (throughout the week).

Emerging Technologies Interactive displays of assumption-shattering concepts that will enhance human life in the near and distant future. What's next in ubiquitous computing, wearable systems, hand-held devices, real-time graphics, mobile technologies and much more: robotics, graphics, music, audio, displays, haptics, sensors, gaming, the Web, artificial intelligence, visualization, collaborative environments, medicine, biotechnology, design, entertainment, aerospace, and art.

Guerilla Studio The Guerilla Studio is an integrated network of machines for realizing ideas in 2-D, 3-D, 4-D, and n-dimensional media, a working computer graphics laboratory for explorations in fine art, animation, science, and other CG disciplines. It features high-end computer workstations, a multitude of software (featuring 2-D and 3-D design), and print technologies. Artists, scientists, and engineers can walk in, create, and realize their creations right in the lab.

The Guerilla Studio also provides an educational component where artists in residence instruct attendees on technique and explore the possibilities of digital art.

Reception Computer graphics pioneers, students, executives, superstars, engineers, theorists, and fans of all genders and backgrounds gather for the international SIGGRAPH community's annual celebration. Food, drinks, music, and fun will be held in a high-energy Los Angeles location.

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Birds of a Feather Attendees who want to get together with others who share their interests, goals, technologies, environments, or backgrounds are invited to organize and/or attend a Birds of a Feather event. During the conference, events can be scheduled on the Birds of a Feather sign-up board.

GraphicsNet The intra-connection among all SIGGRAPH 2004 programs and events, and the gateway to the global graphics community. GraphicsNet is built on gigabit fiber and FastEthernet (100Mbs) links connecting the presentation rooms for Courses, the Educators Program, Emerging Technologies, Panels, Papers, Sketches, Special Sessions, and Web Graphics. A DS3 circuit connects the conference to the Internet.

SIGGRAPH 2004 provides wireless Ethernet links in most areas of the Los Angeles Convention Center. To use the wireless links, attendees should have their own wireless (802.11b) cards.

International Resources In the International Center, the multi-lingual International Resources Committee answers attendee questions, hosts receptions for attendees from specific countries or regions, offers space for talks and demonstrations, and provides informal translation services. New for SIGGRAPH 2004: the International Center helps attendees produce reports for friends and colleagues who are unable to attend the conference.

back to top  Conference calendar

bullet.gif May 3-7

Interacción 2004
5th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Lleida, Spain

bullet.gif May 7-9

Machinista 2004
International Arts and Technology Festival
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

bullet.gif May 11-13

The 2nd International Conference on Appliance Design
Bristol, UK

bullet.gif May 22-24

Smart Graphics 04
4th International Symposium on Smart Graphics
Banff, Canada

bullet.gif May 25-28

AVI 2004
International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces
Gallipoli, Italy

bullet.gif June 1-3

IDC 2004
3rd International Conference on Interaction Design & Children
Maryland, USA

bullet.gif June 6-9

MobiSys 2004
The 2nd International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services
Boston, MA, USA

bullet.gif June 3-5

NIME 2004
International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Hamamatsu, Japan

bullet.gif June 3-5

ACE 2004
International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology

bullet.gif June 8-10

TP CG 04
Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2004
Bournemouth, UK

bullet.gif June 9-11

UPA 2004
13th Annual Conference of the Usability Professionals' Association
Minneapolis, MN, USA

bullet.gif June 10

Dutch Directions in HCI
The SIGCHI.NL Conference for Academics, Practitioners and Students
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

bullet.gif June 24-26

TIDSE 2004
2nd International Conference on Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment
Darmstadt, Germany

bullet.gif June 27-July 1

Catac '04
Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication
Karlstad, Sweden

bullet.gif June 28

FPIV '04
1st IEEE workshop on Face Processing in Video
Washington, DC, USA

bullet.gif June 28-29

User Interfaces for All
8th ERCIM Workshop
Vienna, Austria

bullet.gif June 29-July 2

WWCS 2004
7th International Conference on Work with Computing Systems
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

bullet.gif June 29-July 2

APCHI 2004
The 6th Asian Pacific Conference on Computer Human Interaction
Rotorua, New Zealand

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For more information and updates on SIGGRAPH 2004, visit

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