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VII.6 Nov./Dec. 2000
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The digital library

Steven Pemberton

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Interactions is not only published on paper, but also online as part of ACM's Digital Library, an immense repository of ACM's publications. The Digital Library contains all of ACM's publications at least from 1991, but in some cases even earlier, such as the CHI conference back to 1985.

The first place to go is for an overview, but for interactions it is Following the link from there to "Back Issues" will take you to, where you will find all issues of interactions online (in PDF format) since our first issue.

It may be that you already have access to the Digital Library, or to interactions online. Some types of subscription give you access to the online versions, and some companies and educational institutions buy company-wide access to the whole Library. If you don't have a subscription to the Digital Library, you can still search and browse, and you can buy individual articles separately, or, of course, subscribe.

We aim to get each issue online on the first day of the cover month (for instance November 1st for the November-December issue). This means, especially for readers living outside the U.S. (where the paper version is posted from) that you can read interactions the day it comes out, without having to worry about the vagaries of the postal system.

A recent addition to the Digital Library is the possibility to find related articles, or to discuss an article, or to bind articles together on personal web pages. It will be interesting, from a user perspective, to see to what extent those facilities get used in the coming time, and how useful they turn out to be.

Steven Pemberton

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