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VII.6 Nov./Dec. 2000
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Marisa Campbell

back to top  Four–Day Seminar

February 6-9, 2001
May 8-11, 2001
Edgar, WI, USA

Intelligent Interface Design: Using InterPhase 5 for Customer-Focused Software Design seminar is designed and taught by Dr. Susan Weinschenk, consultant and author.

This four-day intensive course covers the entire interface design process. You will learn a logical, step-by-step approach to interface design. Through hands-on exercises and case studies you will work in teams to discover how to design better interfaces no matter what your platform, tool, or application. This course covers interface design for GUI and web applications, and web pages.

Topics covered include:

  • Interphase 5: a Process for Intelligent Interface Design
  • Evaluating interfaces and making recommendations for improvements
  • Designing conceptual models
  • Detailed design including controls, menus, tab cards, and forms
  • Effective page and window design
  • Conducting usability evaluations and usability testing
  • Conducting effective user and task analyses
  • Developing and using user scenarios in the design process
  • Principles of human factors and usability engineering that affect interface design
  • Interface design best practices
  • Usability engineering techniques, including:

Contextual study, Interviews, Paper prototypes, Scripting, Design walkthroughs, Heuristic evaluation, Standards review, Usability testing

Who Should Attend: those with primary responsibility for identifying user needs and translating them into design, including interface designers, usability testing professionals, business analysts, project managers, and programmers.

All attendees will receive Dr. Weinschenk's latest books: GUI Design Essentials and Designing Effective Speech Interfaces.

For more information, visit or call (800) 236-2599.

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UF1Figure. Designing Effective Speech Interfaces

UF2Figure. GUI Design Essentials

back to top  Sidebar: Call for Papers

bullet.gif 2nd International Conference on Pleasure Based Human Factors Design
June 27-29, 2001

The conference will address pleasure-based design of products, interfaces and environments. There will be contributions from industry and academia. Pleasure-based design has become increasingly important for design of interfaces, such as web pages for e-commerce, product design, such as a personal digital assistant, and for design of work environments, as another dimension of job satisfaction. The study of pleasure in design is a new paradigm in Human Factors—from Pain to Performance to Pleasure.

The intention is to bring together people who can help in conceptualizing pleasurable design—for the purpose of industrial design, HCI design, and environmental design.

One important agenda is to develop theories and methods for predicting and measuring pleasurable design. How can one design for pleasure and how can one predict user reactions?

Extended abstracts (1,000 words) should be submitted to Dr. Tham Ming Po: Final papers will be reproduced in the Conference Proceedings and select papers will be published in a book by Taylor&Francis. For layout of paper and references please follow the style guide for Human Factors:

Important Dates

Submission deadline: February 1, 2000
Abstracts will be refereed and authors will by notified by March 15, 2001
Final paper due: May 1, 2001

bullet.gif IEA/AIE 2001
June 4-7, 2001
Budapest, Hungary

Sponsored by the International Society of Applied Intelligence and cooperated with major international organizations, this call for paper includes topics such as adaptive control, case-based reasoning, genetic programming, machine learning, model-based reasoning, robotics, and much more. (See website for more topics.)

Authors are invited to submit a copy of their paper, written in English, of up to 10 single-spaced pages, presenting the results of original research or innovative practical applications relevant to the conference. Shorter works, up to six pages, may be presented in 10 minutes and as Short Papers representing work in progress or suggesting possible research directions.

Submissions should be sent to the Program Chair, László Monostori. All papers should include a keyword list containing one or more of the topics listed above. Referees will be asked to nominate papers for a Best Paper award to be announced at the conference. All papers, but particularly those nominated for the Best Paper competition, will be automatically considered for publication in the International Journal of Applied Intelligence.

In addition to a single hard copy, please email a URL address containing a printable version of the submitted paper, and the three keywords related to the conference topics to the program chair at

For more information, visit

Important Dates

Submission deadline: November 17, 2000
Notification of the review process: January 19, 2001
Final copies due: February 15, 2001

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