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XIV.6 November + December 2007
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Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson, Jonathan Arnowitz, Jon Kolko, Richard Anderson

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As we look back on the past three years, we have to say we've learned a lot: the trials and tribulations of depending on volunteer efforts like our own to write, submit, and engage with the magazine; structuring, versioning and tracking, and managing contributions; and communicating with a very large community and honoring many different perspectives. It's been gratifying, frustrating, and sometimes hilarious, and we've met a great number of interesting people in the process. We're grateful to ACM and SIGCHI for this opportunity, and we're anxious to see what our successors will invent.

We would like to thank the people who made our contribution as EICs possible. To our Editorial Board (whom we will address personally, since we know you read this magazine!), you have all pushed us and this magazine forward. Readers can find the Editorial Board members listed on the extended masthead.

To our columnists and contributors, we couldn't have a magazine without you:

  • Kevin Cheng and Tom Chi, for practically inventing the HCI subgenre of computer humor with OK/Cancel
  • Jonathan Grudin, for his articulate and balanced view of our predecessors and how we came to where we are
  • Lars Erik Holmquist, for his future prognostications and reporting of leading-edge goings on
  • Aaron Marcus, for unfailingly delivering a perspective that bridges consulting and research
  • Gary Marsden, for opening the conversation to developing nations and reminding us to look outside the First World bubbles most of us inhabit
  • Donald Norman, for his ability to directly challenge our unexamined opinions and provoke us to action
  • Fred Sampson, for keeping us on our toes for upcoming issues and his thoughtful reflections on every topic we tossed to him
  • Gerard Torenvliet, our book review editor, for making us aware of the latest and greatest publications in our field
  • Chauncey Wilson, our most practical of practitioners, for his well-reasoned, well-seasoned advice
  • Atticus Wolrab, for contributing the quirky but poignant Postcards From the Future
  • And we extend our thanks to our occasional contributors: Dustin Beltramo on enterprise development, Brian Frank on business and marketing insights, Carolyn Gale, for her advice on communicating research, Dennis Wixon, for his often entertaining take on games and entertainment, and Lars Holmquist, who kept us on the edge of our seats with his commentary on the latest in ubiquitous computing.
  • We also would like to thank those who bridged the previous editor-in-chief, Steven Pemberton, to us: Steven, Elizabeth Buie, Susan Dray, David Siegel, William Hudson, Austin Henderson, and Kate Ehrlich.
  • Special thanks goes to Manfred Tscheligi, not only for his occasional Connections column, but also for the outstanding achievement of guest editing or co-guest editing no fewer than four special issues during the past three years.

The job of guest editing is "sized to fit"—some guest editors had content come to them effortlessly, while others networked broadly, soliciting content through open calls. Still others called on specialists and colleagues to pull together the required breadth, depth, and balance. To each of them we say thank you!

In addition to our contributors, we'd like to thank Ken Korman, Judy Grover, and Denise Doig, ACM staff (past and present) who assured that the magazine landed on your doorstep with copyedited content and imaginative illustrations—no mean feat for issues focusing on HCI-specific abstractions.

We extend our gratitude to the SIGCHI executive committee for its support throughout our tenure, with warm thanks to Joe Konstan and Mary Czerwinski, and special thanks to Michel Beaudoin-Lafon of the ACM Publications Board for his continuous support.

We also thank our employers, SAP Labs and Access Company, for understanding-or looking the other way-when we were glued to our computers working on yet another <interactions> deadline.

Evidently, volunteering is in our blood. We're not above taking this last opportunity to plug Design at CHI2008. There's still time to sign up to review design submissions, so please visit and sign up today!—<eic>

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We are proud to accept the baton of editorship from Jonathan Arnowitz and Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson, and honored to continue advancing the vision of John Rheinfrank, Bill Hefley, and Brad Myers: to create a magazine with a focus on practice and to develop a venue intended for practitioners.

As we follow in the footsteps of our predecessors, we are increasingly excited by the challenging and changing landscape of the profession. It has never been a better time to work and play in the world of experience, and we hope <interactions> can become a central focus for emphasizing the dialogues and conversations, connections, and relationships that are critical to all of us each and every day. Our upcoming issues will feature and emphasize content related to design, management, usability, engineering, education, and research, and we will strive to provide a venue for dialogue and the forging of relationships across these communities.

While we have a strong and cohesive vision for the future of the magazine, we are also aware of the intellectual diversity of our readers, and we offer a genuine call to you: Help us shape the next three years of <interactions> in a way that will continually motivate, inspire, challenge, and surprise. Communicate to us your own view of interactions: Define the term, explain what it means to you on a personal and professional level, and let us know how you would like to see <interactions> explored in future issues.

See you in January.

Jon Kolko and Richard Anderson

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